Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fenway Beer Blues, Part II

If anyone actually reads this, I have an important question: is Speakeasy Big Daddy really that terrible, or did I get a skunked one? Seriously, I almost sent it back at the Sunset Cantina the other night, which would have been a first for me. I have never sent any beer back, ever. It must have been kicked, right? I'm sure they wouldn't steer me wrong. According to their website, they've been "legit since 1997." Wow. A whole eleven years of brewing. they must know what they're talking about.

Uh, sorry. That was uncalled for. Here's a link to make up for it.

As luck would have it, I got to go to a second Red Sox game and get another crack at the beer vendors. This time, I played it more wisely, methinks.

Again, I went with my Dad, who invited me along when he scored complimentary tickets by entering his town Little League Baseball into the Granite City Electric Field of Dreams contest. The contest consists of Granite City Electric giving one lucky Massachusetts town lights for one of their baseball fields, plus 4 other towns cash prizes for their league. Apparently, last time my Dad entered, they won cash and a lawnmower at second place, but didn't get free tickets, so this was way cooler. We even got a hat. Good enough for me.

We came away with no lights or loot, however. This, of course, has nothing to do with beer, but it's still funny, because when they showed the drawing during the pre-game show, I actually made it on TV for a few seconds. I should have yelled out the name of this blog or wore a T-shirt or something to promote it, but whatever, I was there.

As far as the beer, truth be told, it wasn't much to speak of, but hear me out. I only drank Sam Adams, Guinness and a Bud (A Bud! Me!) This is really slumming it for me, but here's the kicker; I didn't mind. In fact, it was pretty good. Even the Bud. Guinness is, naturally, always good, and I can stomach Sam for a baseball game, but Bud? I can't remember the last time i drank one of those. And I kind of enjoyed it.

I think my body sort of enhanced the taste because it had been so long. Like if you eat healthy for awhile, then decide to have a doughnut. Obviously, there is nothing good about it, no nutritional or earthly reason to eat a doughnut, just like there's no reason to drink a Budweiser. I'm not even sure you could actually get drunk off of it, unless you had maybe fifty. But for some reason, it tasted really good.

Maybe I've been too hard on the old King of Beers for all this time. Maybe it's not so bad. But I wonder, would it taste that good if I drank it more often? Or would I start to feel like crap, much like someone would if they actually did eat doughnuts all the time?

I must say, though, that at least I made that discovery. No need to worry next time I go to Fenway. No need to force down a lousy Miller Lite. Just save that Bud for the occasion, like you would a chocolate glazed.

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